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Get Access To Your Locked Gmail Account In Simple Steps

It might leave you devastated when you try to open your Gmail account and it displays to be temporarily locked. You will definitely get into fits of panic, as nowadays Gmail has become utterly prominent in the lives of people. There are many things that are attached to your ID along with important Emails and data, so if you want to unlock it in order to recover it once again then please follow the steps:

  • Firstly, turn your computer on and connect it to internet
  • Now navigate to your browse and open Gmail sign in page in the search bar.
  • Now you are supposed to enter your last known password and then choose Next. But if you do not remember it then try another option.
  • Now to verify that it’s really you, Gmail will send a verification code/ OTP on your registered mobile number. You need to enter the code in the bar which is mentioned for it.
  • If you choose for another option then it will ask you to enter a backup code.
  • After the above steps, it will ask you to submit your registered mobile number, which was provided for security settings.
  • However, if anyhow you do not remember it, then try another question which was asked of you at the time of setting up your account.
  • These were all the methods that can be used to recover your account.
  • Along with the security questions, if you do not remember the answers to them, you can also use a recovery email address to get your account back to you.

These were some facile and comprehendible steps that you can perform to access your locked Gmail account. However, you can also Gmail Support Number +353-00000000 for further assistance in this matter.

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