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How can we Encrypt mails in our Gmail account?

It is very risky to send important or sensitive information via webmail service such as Gmail. But luckily, you can minimize the risk by encrypting your messages. Even after your emails are intercepted by someone, he/she will not able to read the encrypted message. You can perform this process of encrypting by using a free browser extension but the receiver should also know the password to decrypt your message which means that both of you have to concur on a decryption key to use for encrypted emails.

So here, Gmail Support has provided an accurate process to encrypt your emails in Gmail. Just follow instructions step-by-step.

Step 1: Firstly, go to the Enchiper It website and install the bookmarklet. Then drag the ‘Enchiper It’ link in the ‘how to install bookmarklet’ section on your page to the bookmark if you are using Chrome or Mozilla.

Step 2: Then right-click the ‘Enchiper It’ link and click ‘Add to favorites’ from the context menu if using internet explorer.

Step 3: Now go to Gmail homepage and log into your account and select then ‘Compose Mail’.

Step 4: Then fill all the fields and type your message. After that, click Encipher It bookmarklet which has installed and enter the encryption key in the pop-up box that opens. Use a combination of letters, digits, special characters to make your key secure.

Step 5: Once you are satisfied with the strength of the encryption key then click ‘Enchiper It’ and then click ‘Yes’ when you are asked to convert the encrypted text into a shot link.

Step 6: Then send the mail to the recipient by clicking the send button and he/she will receive a mail with a link to decrypt the text.

If you need more explanation of the above process then you can contact our technicians via our toll-free Gmail Customer Support Number . Here, our specialists will guide you through the whole process stepwise.

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