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How to Recover Your Lost Gmail Account in 7 Easy Steps?

Gmail is quickly become a leader in the email communication industry because of its excellent features, security tools, video chat applications, and the advanced search operators to give you positive results within less time. The Email team has a lot to offer to its users against spam and prefer to cater to even the smallest need of business and entrepreneur in the Internet marketing world. Let’s find out how to recover a lost email account.

gmail password recovery

Step 1: Go to Gmail “Account Settings

Step 2: You’ll see “Account Recovery Options

Step 3: Click on a tab saying “Enter your Username”

Step 4: You might be given an easy “Puzzle” to solve to prove that you’re not a “Robot”

Step 5: Click on “Continue”, and “Submit”

Step 6: You’ll receive account recovery notification either on your “Secondary Email” registered with Gmail or on the “Mobile Phone Number”

Step 7: You have to enter that code to access your Lost Account

Important Note for Users

Before you start with Gmail Account Recovery Options, be sure to set up account recovery options when you create a new account with Gmail. It is important to enter your mobile number details & secondary email details in the account settings, as you’ll receive all the recovery notifications in your email or mobile phone. So, make all the addition & changes to your email account settings carefully.

So, this is how the entire process work you just need to perform all the steps wisely by following the given instructions. Yes, you can get help from the industry professionals. Gmail Support Ireland is without doubt one of the most popular troubleshooting online service available to users in multiple cities.

Dial the Gmail support number Ireland +353-00000000 to talk to technical representatives of Gmail Support Ireland whenever you need help in email issues, but account recovery is the quite easy task to perform, so better is to try on your own by following proper guidelines.

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