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How Do I Manage Gmail Tabs And Labels?

To start a business you really need an email account on which you can rely. Your emails contain invoice, client’s questions, quotations, proposals and other important messages which you don’t want to share with the unknown person. Gmail makes sure that your every single email is secured by a strong protection. Well no doubt, Gmail soar their business and get more and more clients by providing good advance feature like storage or backup facility, attachment; where user can send files, documents, images and audios/videos to end number of other email services and user can also create a separate folder for their important emails and many more things can be done. You can subscribe for any software with your same Gmail account and you will be notified of every single update in your software or application.

However, the user might face problems pertaining to this; soon your account get full with emails and lead you in difficulty to find your important message or you might delete it with other irrelevant emails. So, to manage your important emails, you can generate a Label where you can store your important emails and documents or separate each email category like promotion, private, advertisement and so on.

How Do I Manage Gmail Tabs And Labels?

To Create A Label In Your Account:

  • Open your Gmail account and navigate your mouse to the left side of your mail screen
  • Look for More tab and click on it
  • Next, select “create a new label” and appropriately name it then hit the create button.
  • Now select the email which you want to move it to your new labeled folder.

To Create A Label In Your Account:

  • Go to the home page of your account and look for plus (+) sign at the right side.
  • Now, check the box which you want to add in your new tab and then hit the save button.

If you are unable to create it or facing any issue while creating one, then you can call at Gmail Support Number +353-00000000. We prioritize our customer's issues and make sure that they get the perfect solution for the persisting issue.

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