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How To Send The Confidential Mails In Gmail?

Unauthorized access of sensitive information is prevented by using the confidential mode for sending and receiving emails. Confidential mode can be used to set an expiry date for mails or revoking the access at any point of time. The information on such mails remains confidential as it cannot be copied, forwarded, printed, or downloaded but screen shots or snaps can be taken of such email messages. Also, malicious programs can be used to copy or download the information on the computer.

The classic Gmail does not support this confidential mode feature. Also you should contact your admin to ensure that you can use confidential mode if you are using Gmail with your work or school account. Now follow the given steps to send messages and attachments confidentially:

  • Open your account by signing into it.
  • Press the compose button.
  • Turn on the confidential mode by clicking the timer in the bottom right corner of the window. But if you have already turned on the confidential mode then directly go to Edit in the bottom of the page.
  • You can now set the expiry date and password to open the message. These securities will be applicable to both the message and the attachment with the mail.
    • If you will choose no password then the recipients will be able to open it without any password.
    • If you choose to add a password then you will have to give the recipient’s phone number on which the password will be received by the user.
  • Now finally press the Save button to save the mail.
  • To remove the recipient from accessing the mail, go to Sent.
  • Open the confidential mail that you want to revoke access.
  • Press on Remove access.

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