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What Are The Steps To Delete Gmail Account?

Gmail is the most familiar and frequently practicing mailing service. Undoubtedly, you are using this service for various purposes and you are already familiar with its marvelous performance. Many of the people are now using several of the accounts in it for different needs.

But most of the time you get panic by handling all email address at once or some of the addresses have not been using by you for a long time. This is the main reason why people want to erase account in Gmail.

It provides a lot of traits and countless benefits to its users. So, it is obvious that its services are not the reason behind that. For deleting your account from Gmail you need to do either of the two ways. First, you will get the help from Gmail support and second you need to follow some given below measures:

• Open your web browser and search for “Google account setting”..

• Under the “Account Preferences”, choose “Delete your account and services”.

• Click “Delete products” option and then pick “Gmail account” that you want to rub out or enter the email address which you want to remove.

• And then enter the password for that ID.

• Go for “next” option.

• You can see “Thrash” icon, click it or you can follow the download link for backup the data

• Follow that link and complete the whole process.

• You will need again login with your ID that you are deleting.

• Under inbox, select “Yes, I want to delete permanently”.

• Once you will click on “delete’, you will have permanent erase this email ID after select “Done” at last.

The above steps will help to process your request completely. If you still have any problem regarding same then you can go for Gmail support number, which is a toll-free number that available for asking any query from experts at any time (24*7 hours) in a day.

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